y.n. rich kids

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You can buy this track for $1.  Watch it after the jump — 

The Y.N. Rich Kids are a group that came out of the the North Community Beats and Rhymes program started by the Minneapolis YMCA. They help kids make music when they keep up with their homework. This song was so good (it is super fantastic) that a local professional photography studio stepped in and made them a video. 

...it's about a quarter to a 4, rollin to the store
(what you 'bout to get?)
hah, you already know
got like 3 or 4 dollars and a couple odd cents
bout to cop me some hot cheetos and a lemonade brisk
i'm ridin around on my bicycle, ridin' around on my bicycle
pull up to the studio cuz you know that the kid be meltin' them microphones
munchin' on my takis like i just don't care
then i walked up to your girl and she asking me to share 

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