Chinook's Scarf (free pattern)

A simple lace scarf for beginners (PDF link). This project is inspired by Chinook’s mauve scarf in Snowy & Chinook and the flower they find in the snow.

This lace stitch used in this scarf, called the four-spot, came from the book The Essential Stitch Collection by Leslie Stanfield and Melody Griffiths

This pattern is sized for small children: 5 × 36 inches (125 × 915 mm). You can easily size it up for older children or adults. Just be sure that any additional stitches you add in are the right multiple for the pattern: 6 + 9 (see pattern notes for details). You may download the pattern for free here (PDF link)

I am not crazy about knitting lace in general. I liked this one because it reminds me of eyelet. Also, the pattern is simple enough that once you have done a few rows you don't have to concentrate on it too, too much. Also, one really nice feature of lace is that it knits up very quickly because of the holes as they open up.

To do this pattern, you will need to know how to:

yo (you can find a continental version at the same site)
skpo / skp

One suggestion I have is that you do a little test with one or two pattern repeats before casting on the whole scarf. The lace stitch is really easy, but I was making one mistake which took me a few tries to figure out, and it was easier to solve it when I did a little test. I used the test as a scarf for someone's doll when I was done. By the way, this scarf curls. I find that quite cuddly myself, but just so you know, it will curl.

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