tiny pink & gold lanterns

A few days ago I found some thin flourescent pink paper at the Daiso in Richmond. I bought it on impulse, and added it to my big box of scraps that I use to make collages. The next evening, I sat down to do some illustrations, but I ended up taking a break to play with it. Sometimes, when your work is creative, you can forget how fun it is to make things with no real goal.

I used a few little squares of it to make some tiny lanterns, using the same method as the big ones from a few weeks ago. Anything pretty that costs 50¢ and takes 1 minute to make is really satisfying. The next day Henry spotted one from across the room right away.

One is now living in a corner of Auggie's room, balanced on an old chopstick. The gold is from a scrap of gold tissue from a birthday present. It makes me feel cheerful when I raise the blinds on a gloomy morning.


  1. Uber-cute! I'll say though, that I'm happy to see a great Daiso find...as if I needed a reason to get out there!

  2. hiya! they were selling them in rolls between the paint supplies and the origami paper (not near the office supplies). Of course, if they don't have any left you will come home with some other treasure...