zip up a baby

I'm putting this up as a resource — this pattern is out of print — the zip up a baby hoodie pattern by Marge Webster

I tracked down the zip up a baby sweater pattern while looking through some old craft magazines from the 80s at the library.
I don't have any pictures from the pattern (it's just a photocopy), you can see projects here if you're on ravelry. I will use this excuse to put in a little picture of my favourite baby, though unzipped.

The zip up a baby pattern is a hoodie with the zipper going up the back and hood instead of the front. I never did make it, but there are many people on ravelry looking for it. I tried to contact the pattern designer (Marge Webster), but I cannot find her. No book seems to be available containing this pattern — you'd need access to a large library with magazine archives to get hold of it, so I think it's ok to post it. I tried to keep up with people messaging me for it, but I cannot — so here it is.

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