don't forget

I went to a lovely little crafting hen night last night and before I left my son, the soothsayer, pointed at me and said,

I do not like it on pinterest when those inspirational quotes float past (exceptions to the rule: "pink is the navy blue of India" — Diana Vreeland and "If you think it's so simple, do it yourself" because that speaks to my inner graphic designer, heh) — so I certainly won't pin this. However, it does remind me of a great thing I heard once from a knitter in London. She said she was giving up knitting gifts for Christmas because it made knitting stressful and not enjoyable and she said that knitters should consider knitting entertainment, not work. For example, the money spent on knitting should be budgeted under entertainment — so a skein of cashmere and a couple of bottles of wine versus a few nights out. Of course, you need to find people to knit with, or it is quite lonely. Or an introvert's paradise :)

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