pink grapefruit curd with breakfast gingerbread

Healthy breakfast gingerbread from Diana Shaw's Essential Vegetarian Cookbook with homemade pink grapefruit curd sweetened with honey.

Read more: Gingerbread uses only egg whites and curd uses yolks — perfect match. The mollasses in the gingerbread is probably the only thing standing between my son and anemia right now — that kid only wants to eat noodles. Diana Shaw's Essential Vegetarian Cookbook is one of my most used cookbooks — I've had it since I was 20. All the baking in it is low fat, which I prefer. I don't like oily quick breads.

My husband is very suspicious of runny textures, and only tried a tiny bit of the curd to make me happy, but then put it all over his gingerbread, so I think it's a hit. Probably I could have let the curd thicken another two minutes.

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