I tried out a pattern via pinterest from pickles — small and clever baby set (free pattern). The bonnet is very sweet and a pleasure to knit. It fits a little small, so I added in a few extra rows. 

But midway through the booties from the set I ran out of yarn, and I couldn't find any more from the original dye lot (which was mission falls superwash merino). 

I'd wanted to add in some thin stripes and what Joelle Hoverson calls "blips" of bright turquoises and jade green from some alchemy yarn that I'd been saving for a special project. I think I will try to do this another time, so I'll note it here. The trick is to knit in a 2-row stripe on the wrong side, so that the stripes are skinnier and blippier on the right side. 

^ Pickles boot unseamed and loosely pinned into bootie shape, before I pulled it apart.

In my knitting binder, I found a pattern for some seed stitch slippers I'd made for Auggie, Simple Slippers*, from Erika Knight which require very little yarn and there was just enough to do the uppers. 

Then I did the soles with the Alchemy Temple. Temple, which is superwash merino, smooth and doesn't pill, is easily my favourite yarn for kids.

* The Simple Slippers pattern can be found in Simple Knits for Easy Living or Comforts of Home, both by Erika Knight. If you cannot find them, you could do the December Booties, the pattern is available online.

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  1. love them! almost wish i have a new baby for you to give them to :D (!) haha.