neon & knit

It's been so grey lately: outside where it's rainy and inside where I am knitting a whole series of little baby things for the many summer babies arriving soon (not mine, but to 5 good friends). I like to knit baby things in neutral colours, so it's grey and tan everywhere. It was starting to get me down and so I  picked up a set of neon + nude polishes from sephora and painted my nails neon pink. I have been as delighted as a 6-year old girl since. It makes knitting way more fun, too.

For many years I avoided bright nail polishes because I thought I couldn't apply them without it being a complete disaster. But I realized  last week that I was basing this on the last time I applied dark nail polish: cranberry-coloured dime-store polish when I was about seventeen. I couldn't chop an onion cleanly when I was seventeen. All I ever did with my hands at that time was hold books! So, I gave it a try, and although I'm not likely to get a job as an esthetitcian any time soon, it turns out I can apply it well enough to leave the house with. So, if you are one of the many ladies who has agreed with me over the years that applying a dark colour is impossible, then give it a try, you probably can do it now ^_^ 

The Augs has requested some, too, so we can be 'pink twins'. He is not the only little boyish boy I know who loves pink. I think they're going to get together and reclaim it.

The very first poster I designed was Pantone Warm Grey 11 & Magenta, and I still love that colour combination. 

I'm a bit tempted to get some neon yarn, like the Madeline Tosh in Edison Bulb. I love the cowl they made at purlbee (pattern at link) with it, too. Image purlbee via pinterest.


  1. Ohhh... this just reminded me of your pink hair that I forgot about! One day, when I have time I will burn you some old photos. I forget everything now, but somewhere there is a box of probably funny archives buried in my basement storage. That's cute & nice that Auggie likes pink too!

  2. Oh, that would be great. Somehow the word is out about that pink hair. We passed a high school yesterday and Augs said, "you had pink hair when you were a teenager," completely out of the blue! Come over and paint your nails this week, I'll never get through all this polish ^_^