Simple quilted playmat (3–5 hours)

This spring we ordered a living room rug online with a pebbly texture. Auggie did not like the feeling on his feet, and would not step on it. It was too tricky to return it and so I made a quilted playmat instead — it seems to have worked. It was pretty easy and took about 5 hours. I took my best bloggy photo of it (above) immediately after we last cleaned and vacuumed.

As I was taking pictures, Auggie began making soup for this monkey, even though he is quite indifferent about it (the monkey, not soup).

I used the cheerful quilted playmat pattern from the purlbee. It's smart, you don't need to finish the edges, you just turn it inside out with the batting stitched in. I modified it to make it faster: I didn't bother with the quilting step at the beginning, I just used 2 large squares of fabric. Also, I did the top-stitching by machine. I made my mat a yard by a yard. The fish fabric is thrift and the cars are a kokka pattern from purlsoho — both are cotton/linen canvas.

The topstitching is a follow-the-lines technique, done by machine.  It would have taken about 3 hours if I had sewed straight lines instead of zig zags for the top stitching — as it was this was a 5-hour project.

Done & dusted!

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