Windy's Spring scarf

This is a Windy-inspiredproject. As always, Windy is © Judith Steedman and me.

I've been working on some simple children's scarf patterns, loosely inspired by the windy books (since they all wear scarves). This one is a light, cotton scarf (unisex), inspired by Windy's red scarf. It is very simple and quick to knit and a great first project for anyone wanting to try knitting for the first time. It's also a nice project to knit over the summer and wear in September. The pattern also has a cozier muffler-length version for winter.

Here it is: Windy's Spring Scarf. If you are a member of ravelry, you can find it there, too. This is a free pattern.

I used Blue Sky worsted cotton. You can find it online, but check with your local yarn shop, too. Staff at a yarn store are often happy to help customers cast on and get themselves generally figured out!

If you would like to make something for an adult, you can always try the Lonely Doll Scarf.

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