Ocean Globes

I saw some instructions for making snow globes on minimega (see the original instructions here). I recruited two young artists, Aiza and her brother Huxley, to try out the craft (along with their very cool mum, Vera).

They did a beautiful job! They made a Snow Globe and then another piece called an Ocean Globe, which is a really lovely idea and makes the whole project feel summery.

We used baby food jars — if you know any new mums, there's a good chance they will have lots. They seal tightly and are a cute little size. Adding a bit of food colouring to the water makes it nice and blue. Maybe you could add some tiny little fish, or some coral.

Here is their beautiful Snow Globe, if you would like to make a tiny piece of winter in July:

Just a little extra note: to soak labels off of jars, using hot water and dish soap with baking soda, overnight, allows you to completely slide the label off with no scrubbing.

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