How to draw using simple shapes

Are you familiar with Ed Emberley? He has written almost 80 books for children and is a Caldecott award winner. In many of his books, he teaches drawing with very simple shapes and lines, and shows you how to combine these same shapes and lines to create a princess or a dragon or mouse. He is fantastic.

It looks like he is currently updating his web site, and it has activities. Here is an excerpt from his biography (on his web site):

"I am an old grandpa kind of guy." So simple, so nice!

Here are two books we have at home, Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces from 1975 and Make a World from 1972.

The layout of the books is very simple: long strips of step-by-step instructions. We wanted to post a couple of details, and the long shape doesn't fit the screen very well, so (with apologies to Mr, Emberley) we are stacking instructions for an admiral, a helicopter and a blimp.

Look for Ed Emberley in your local library or bookshop (we especially recommend the Great Thumbprint Drawing Book). Soon you will be doodling Viking ships, windmills and igloos!


  1. Ed Emberley books bring back so many memories for me, I can vividly remember being absolutely enchanted by them, and scouring the public library for the books with my older brother. And sitting around our kitchen table together, drawing away. Magic!